Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Review: PcLinuxOS 2008 "MiniMe"

It's been nearly ten months since we last reviewed a PcLinuxOS release. This time around we have a brand new flavor to look at. The venerable "MiniMe" 2008 release. What's different about this version over the previous 2007 version? Let's have a look and find out..

The first thing you'll notice about this distribution is that it is relatively the same as the old 2007 version. The biggest difference comes in the fact that it not only boots faster, but you don't have to go through the morrass of screens you used to in order to get to the desktop. It's actually pretty quick from first boot to full desktop in the live CD. You only have to answer one question, which is about keyboard type, before you can complete the boot. Once on the desktop the one thing you quickly notice is the newer, black "polished metal" look. It's a somewhat "Vista'ish" look that has really become popular lately. I'm not all that much for it, but it is at least done tastefully.

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