Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An in-depth look at Puppy Linux

by Howard Fosdick

Puppy Linux is one of the twenty most popular Linuxes worldwide, according to the distro-tracking website Distrowatch. Puppy's distinct personality makes it of interest to those who want a Linux that...
  • Includes all the applications required for daily use
  • Works right out of the box
  • Is easy to use, even for Linux newbies and Windows refugees
  • Runs fast and performs well -- especially on limited hardware
  • Runs on old computers, thin clients, and diskless workstations
  • Installs and boots from any bootable device, including USB memory sticks, hard disks, Zip drives, LS 120/240 SuperDisks, CDs and DVDs, rewritable CDs and DVDs, and network interfaces
Unlike most Linux distributions, Puppy is not based on some other distro. It was created from scratch to meet these goals.

Let's discuss Puppy's distinguishing characteristics. We'll wrap up by summarizing how it differs from other Linux distributions.


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