Friday, December 19, 2008

Back up your Google Apps data

Face it: If you use Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Spreadsheets, Reader, or Blogger, you've got a life's worth of data on Google's servers. Unless you back up your stuff locally, Google holds the keys to your digital life and you're out of luck if and when Google loses or denies you access to that data. Rather than run screaming for the hills, a few steps to back up your Google-hosted data can ensure that you're in control of your stuff and not the big G.

There isn't one easy, universal backup for all Google Apps, but there are methods that work. The strategies outlined below require different levels of work and commitment on your part. The Gmail and Gcal backups described are more or less automatic (you just need to set it up and run the applications), while others require you to manually perform the backup every now and then. However, none of them are terribly difficult, and the few minutes required to back up your data every week or month are more than worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing you still control access to your data.

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