Thursday, July 31, 2008

Enhance your wife’s beauty
All Pro Dad

Author Jack Hayford writes, “I can always tell when a woman is loved by her husband because she gets more beautiful as she ages.” I would concur. Your wife has five love languages which, if spoken to, will make her radiate. They are: words of praise, receiving gifts, physical touch, helping with chores, and spending time with you.

That’s a lot to work on all at once, so to get started, just choose the one you think your wife would appreciate most, and make it your duty to enhance your wife’s beauty.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Where did the human races come from?

According to the Bible, all humans on earth today are descended from Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives, and before that from Adam and Eve (Genesis 1-11). But today we have many different groups, often called "races," with what seem to be greatly differing features. The most obvious of these is skin color. Many see this as a reason to doubt the Bible's record of history. They believe that the various groups could have arisen only by evolving separately over tens of thousands of years. However, as we shall see, this does not follow from the biological evidence.

The Bible tells us how the population that descended from Noah's family had one language and by living in one place were disobeying God's command to "fill the earth" (Genesis 9:1, 11:4). God confused their language, causing a break-up of the population into smaller groups which scattered over the earth (Genesis 11:8-9). Modern genetics show how, following such a break-up of a population, variations in skin color, for example, can develop in only a few generations. There is good evidence that the various people groups we have today have not been separated for huge periods of time.1


Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Do We Mean by Sola Scriptura?

by Dr. W. Robert Godfrey

There are two main issues that divide Protestant Catholics from Roman Catholics. Both groups claim to be catholic, that is, part of the apostolic, universal church of Jesus Christ. Roman Catholics believe we Protestants departed from that church in the sixteenth century. Protestant Catholics believe they departed earlier.

The theme of this opening chapter is one of the issues that still divides us: the source of religious truth for the people of God. (The other main issue, that of how a man is made right with God, has been dealt with in the book Justification by Faith ALONE!, published by Soli Deo Gloria in 1995.) As Protestants we maintain that the Scripture alone is our authority. Our Roman opponents maintain that the Scripture by itself is insufficient as the authority of the people of God, and that tradition and the teaching authority of the church must be added to the Scripture.

This is a solemn topic. This is no time for games. We must be searching for the truth. God has declared that whoever adds to or takes away from His Word is subject to His curse. The Roman church has declared that we Protestants are accursed (“anathematized”) for taking away the Word of God as found in tradition. We Protestants have declared that the Roman church is a false church for adding human traditions to the Word of God. Despite sincere debates by fine apologists over the course of nearly 500 years, the differences remain basically as they were in the sixteenth century. I will not say much new here, but we must continue to pursue the truth.

In spite of the difficulty of this undertaking, I am eager to join that historic train of Protestant apologists to defend the doctrine that the Scripture alone is our ultimate religious authority. I believe that it can be shown that this position is the clear position of Scripture itself. And I hope that, by the grace of God, those committed to the Roman doctrine of tradition will come to see the tragic error of denigrating the sufficiency and perspicuity of God’s own inspired Word.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Five things you should know before hooking up your wireless network

Let's face it, wireless networking is everywhere and, in most cases, it is insecure and out of control. To the average household user, they assume that it should always "just work" and just "be secure". To IT Pros like you and I, we know that while wireless networking has become a fact of life, it will always be a source of concern. So, the next time your boss asks you to put up a new wireless network, I hope that you will take pause and consider the 5 things you will learn about wireless in this article.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music and Sound Effects in Horror Films
by John Hübinette

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of films in general (and horror films in particular), is the soundscape. It is quite easy to forget that the fear factor of almost any horror film would decrease dramatically (if not completely vanish) if the auditory features were removed or altered to something not befitting a horror film. This might sound a huge exaggeration, but it is most definitely not. All you have to do is turn down the volume on your TV during a dramatic scene in a horror film to realize the enormously important role that well-composed music and striking sound effects play in creating a complete and truly frightening horror film experience.

I have a great interest in sound and music. Composing has been one of my hobbies for several years now and I have recorded sound effects and composed music for non-commercial computer games. In this essay I will focus on describing the structure, purpose and style of horror film music and sound effects.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Reports: You should have no trouble finding IT work
Posted by Deb Perelman @ 9:44 am

The employment situation in the U.S. may be shaky right now, but techies are on stable ground, find two new reports.

Though the national unemployment rate was 5.5 percent last month, the NACCB (National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses), a trade association representing IT staffing firms and solution-providers, reported this week that U.S. IT employment was at an all-time high in June, or 3,907,800 strong.

Culled from Bureau of Labor Statistics listings of IT-related jobs, the NACCB found that U.S. businesses have added almost 90,000 techies to their payrolls in 2008–while the national workforce lost 438,000 jobs. Coming off a lackluster 2006 and 2007, NACCB CEO Mark Roberts praised the “continued resilience of IT employment.”

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Win the ‘Battle of the Bulge’

By Kendrick Go

Since time immemorial, women have been engaged in the “Battle of the Bulge,” the quest for that perfect trim figure has led women to try out all sorts of ways to shed those excess pounds. Methods like taking diet pills, starving themselves with diets, tiring themselves out in the gym and just going under the knife, women have been obsessing for a way to slim down.

Unfortunately, most of these methods are either boring (working out lifting all those weights), expensive (liposuction, thermage) or just downright dangerous (diet pills and extreme diets). So one would think, why bother slimming down, right? But in a society that prizes beauty and physical perfection, looking good is not only a nice thing. It is a necessity.

That is why those who would like to lose weight in a safe, interesting and enjoyable way should try dodgeball.