Friday, May 19, 2006

Leader's Insight: The L-Laws of L-Leadership
Leadership for the rest of us.
by Angie Ward, columnist

Throughout my years as a ministry leader, I've had the opportunity to enlist dozens of volunteers for the Kingdom's work through my church. And every time—whether it's a prospective youth volunteer, small-group facilitator, or clean-up crew member—I hear the same response: "But I'm not a leader!"

This response is usually coupled with some other explanation as to why they don't consider themselves leadership material: "I don't know anything about teenagers!" "I'm not an extrovert!" "I've never done this before!" and other "Send Aaron instead!" responses.

Long ago, I gave up trying to convince them otherwise. Instead, I just tell them that it'll be easy, because they only have two main responsibilities:

1. Love people.
2. Think like a leader.

For the hesitant and the nervous, I call them the L-Laws of L-Leadership. And when I break it down into those two simple principles, it's amazing to watch a person's guard come down as their enthusiasm goes up.

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