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The Da Vinci Code

Decoding The Da Vinci Code
This special section from Christian History & Biography includes a wide range of articles that dispute the alleged "facts" of Dan Brown's popular piece of fiction.
from Christian History & Biography

Dan Brown's Gift to the Church
Rather than ignore or boycott The Da Vinci Code, Christians now have a great opportunity to share their faith—and to sharpen their own beliefs in the process.
by Dr. Jim Garlow | posted 04/25/06

The Da Vinci Code
Review Coming May 19
Murder in the Louvre. Clues in Da Vinci's paintings. A religious mystery. Will the film, directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, be faithful to the book? Read our review on May 19, when it opens in theaters.
The Da Vinci Blog
Dan Brown Encourages Debate
But Da Vinci Code author says it's not his responsibility to clear up any controversy. Plus: Da Vinci sequel slated for '07; new book uses Da Vinci for evangelism; Catholics unfazed by Brown's claims; and more.
by Josh Hurst | posted 05/01/06

Other Articles

Down with Da Vinci!
I can't think of a better way to respond to the upcoming movie, The Da Vinci Code, than with mass boycotts, angry protests, and noisy picket lines. That is, unless I hear some better ideas…

Breaking the Da Vinci Code
Breaking the Da Vinci Code
A handful of books have come along to debunk Dan Brown's best-selling fictional novel (did we say fictional?). Now here comes an insightful documentary to do the same—and it does so quite well.
by Angie Ward | posted 05/31/05

Not Rated
3.5 Stars

Da Vinci Himself
Cracking the Code
So the divine Jesus and infallible Word emerged out of a fourth-century power-play? Get real.
by Collin Hansen | updated 04/26/06

Editor's Bookshelf: Da Vinci Dissenters
Four books try to break, crack, or decode the deception.
from Christianity Today | posted 06/15/04

Thanks, Da Vinci Code
The book sends us back to Christianity's "founding fathers"—and the Bible we share with them.
from Christianity Today | posted 11/14/03

Why the 'Lost Gospels' Lost Out
Recent gadfly theories about church council conspiracies that manipulated the New Testament into existence are bad—really bad—history.
from Christianity Today | posted 05/21/04

The Da Vinci Rejects
What other publishers could have done to respond to Dan Brown's bestseller. A parody.
from Christianity Today | posted 06/16/04

The Da Vinci Code, Corrected
Why the "lost gospels" were really lost
from Christian History & Biography

Speaking in Code
A roundup of the many anti-Da Vinci Code books from Christian publishers.
from Christianity Today | posted 06/16/04

The Good News of Da Vinci
How a ludicrous book can become an opportunity to engage the culture.
from Christianity Today | posted 01/05/04

A Hammer Struck at Heresy
What exactly happened at the famous Council of Nicea, when the Roman emperor convened some 250 quarreling Christian bishops?
from Christian History & Biography | posted 07/01/96

Christian History & Biography Issue 85: Debating Jesus' Divinity
The Council of Nicaea and its bitter aftermath.
from Christian History & Biography

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