Monday, June 29, 2009

5 Traits: What Makes A Good Leader?
Posted on November 18th, 2008

What makes a good leader? Why are some leaders more effective than others? Leaders lead their team to victories. And most of all leaders make leaders out of their members. But how can you gauge a good leader? What makes them tick? Below are just some of the things which I believe a leader do that makes them a successful one:

1. Real leaders listen. A smart leader accepts that he does not know all the answers, that is why they listen to their people. By listening to their people, not only do they learn more and see things from a different perspective, it also encourages their people. Their people learn to speak their mind, be it something that might contradict the leader’s thought, because it put the member in a position which takes risk and responsibility. A quality of a future leader.

2. A leader connect to his people. A leader can relate to his people, and his people can relate to him. This only means that he knows his people, their interests, their families, their hobbies, and his people know his heart. He does not hide behind a tough emotion-less fa├žade, because while it may earn him respect, it will be brought about by fear and therefore may not get their loyalty.

3. A leader is a good teacher. A leader teaches his people, and usually he does this by example. But most all a leader’s thirst for knowledge rubs off in his people, that is why they also aspire to learn more as their try to emulate their leader.

4. A leader develop his people. Aside from just teaching them, an effective leader develops his people to be future effective leaders as well. That is why he help bring out the best in them.

5. A leader motivates. What’s the difference between development and motivation? When you develop your people, they will be motivated. More so when you listen, connect to and teach them. Motivation is not a one-time effort, it is a conscious sustained action to help his people aspire for more, tap their hidden talent and train them so that they will be ready when it’s their turn to carry the torch.

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