Friday, November 21, 2008

Transform Windows XP into Windows Vista without using customization packs

by Vishal Gupta

Since we all know that Windows Vista has been released but its too costly to purchase. The most interesting thing in Vista is its look, new icons, cursors, theme, sounds, login screen, boot screen, etc. So I’m posting this tutorial to make our existing Windows XP to look-a-like Windows Vista.

Yes! There are lots of Vista Transformation packs available on net but I never use them because they slow down the windows and also install a few 3rd party utilities. So its better to do all the things manually.

In this tutorial, I’ll tell you about how to make following things to look-a-like Vista:

Vista Theme OR Visual Style
Boot Screen
Login Screen OR Welcome Screen
Mouse Cursors
Windows Icons
Windows Explorer
Progress dialog box
Shutdown/Log off dialog box
About Windows box
System Properties dialog box
Windows Classic Startmenu Left-side Image and Start button Logo
and a few other things

So here we go:

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