Saturday, June 02, 2012

Losing my Edge

When your initial enthusiasm fades, you need a plan if you're going to bring your best to your calling

There have been successes for sure. I cleared some ministry hurdles. Our church has successfully launched a second campus. We've fought for, and achieved, a healthy organizational structure. We've reworked our statement of faith, and re-articulated our core values. In many ways, we have successfully made the transition from an internally focused fortress to an externally focused fragrance.
In the midst of it all, I went from single man to married with two kids. I've gained some respect in our congregation. But now I am tired. And comfortable. I look forward to just kicking back with "Friday Night Lights." And that deadly sin called acedia (sloth, "not caring") lurks around the corner.
I felt genuine surprise when sloth crept in. Like many energetic young pastors, I figured it would take a lot more to diminish my reservoir of drive. Few have accused me of being talented, but I am driven.
William Carey, the great missionary to India, once remarked that his only real gift was that he was a plodder, plodding through adversity. That resonated. I wasn't the greatest athlete, but I plodded. Not the smartest student, but I plodded. Not the most eloquent preacher, but I plodded. I got to where I needed to go. And now, sloth threatens even that.

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