Monday, February 09, 2009

Providing for your family
By: Ken Canfield

Providing financially has been a key aspect of fathering through the ages. Until forty or fifty years ago, almost all that was expected of a father was to protect and provide for his family. Today, most men realize that the cultural perceptions are changing: a good father also communicates with his children, expresses love for them, and is involved in many aspects of their lives. This is progress, but we must not lay aside the importance of financial provision as a key part of effective fathering.

A committed father is compelled to contribute to his children's well being whether he's a non-custodial father faithfully paying child support, a working father in a more traditional situation, or an at-home dad who takes care of his children while his wife earns the family salary. Financial issues bring meaningful opportunities to the fathering role; our task is to make the most of those opportunities.

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