Friday, August 08, 2008

VirtualDub vs. Avidemux - Comparison and Review - Full Text
Posted on Tuesday, January 30 @ 13:45:55 MST by Kurt

Open Source In addition to writing open source software, I use a lot of it. Even just using the software is a form of contribution, which is why when I go looking for programs to fulfill a specific need, I will even take a hit on usability in order to be able to use open source. This is why I am going to start writing reviews for different open source software projects. For my debut, I am venturing into the realm of digital video processing.

This review will attempt to compare two excellent open source video editing products. Anyone who has transcoded a video in Windows has heard of, and probably used Avery Lee's ubiquitous Virtualdub. Less well known in the Windows circuit is the Avidemux project. This is because it comes to us as a port from Linux. It has recently come on my radar, and I've been giving it a go fot the last few weeks. Read on for my impressions of both products, and a comparison between them.


Being a fan of watching videos on my PC, I've have also had to become a fan of transcoding them. Whether it's an AVI video I want to play for the whole family on a DVD player, or it's something I want to trim down to play on my Pocket PC, I've always had a need to move videos between formats. And let's not forget the ever popular video you download where whomever encoded it got the aspect ratio completely wonky.

I will say at the outset, that I am not a power video editor. My need for this software is pretty much that of transcoding between formats, with perhaps some cropping, deinterlacing, and other filters thrown in for good measure. Thus, some of VirtualDub's and Avidemux's (perhaps best) features are not being covered here.


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