Friday, July 11, 2008

Reports: You should have no trouble finding IT work
Posted by Deb Perelman @ 9:44 am

The employment situation in the U.S. may be shaky right now, but techies are on stable ground, find two new reports.

Though the national unemployment rate was 5.5 percent last month, the NACCB (National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses), a trade association representing IT staffing firms and solution-providers, reported this week that U.S. IT employment was at an all-time high in June, or 3,907,800 strong.

Culled from Bureau of Labor Statistics listings of IT-related jobs, the NACCB found that U.S. businesses have added almost 90,000 techies to their payrolls in 2008–while the national workforce lost 438,000 jobs. Coming off a lackluster 2006 and 2007, NACCB CEO Mark Roberts praised the “continued resilience of IT employment.”

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